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Join us tonight (Thursday) on Zoom!

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Pr. Rachael will continue the Wise Aging Conversation Ed began with us. We will meet on the fourth Thursday of each month, beginning on June 27 at 6:30 pm. We will continue to be on Zoom.

The purpose of these conversations is to help us to age with wisdom rather than resentment or other less helpful feelings. Our focus will be on spiritual health and practices, though all aspects of wellness will be considered.

This month we will talk through how we wish to proceed and what topics we’d like to cover. In addition, we’ll focus on spiritual practices that can help us accept and adapt to the changes in our bodyminds as we age.

If you have practices that help you deal with chronic pain, intermittent pain, or decreasing physical capacity, consider coming and sharing your experience with us.

These monthly meetings are a “drop-in” format meaning you can attend when you are able and when the topic appeals to you. Please invite anyone you think might benefit from these conversations.

If you are interested and unable to attend this month, you can share your ideas for topics in the comments or email Pr. Rachael.

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