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Your voice is important. If you have ever attended Living Table, whether you have been a part of this community for years, receiving and giving care, sharing stories, figuring out faith today, whether you have been a part of only a few things but they meant something to you, or whether you have experienced many key transitions of life in this community of faith, here is the link that you need:

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In Case You Missed It (ICYMI): Now that the new website is live, I was finally able to apply this morning for the Google Ad Grants program. Thus, very soon (i.e. most likely next week) we will have a lot more people reading this website than ever before. If you are one of them, hello and welcome! If you are a Living Table regular, please help me welcome new folks by leaving a Google review that shares your honest opinion and experience, so that they might want to come find out more about this beloved community, one that I’m trying to uncover from being the best kept secret.

About Erika Sanborne

Erika Sanborne is the website developer and administrator for Living Table. In addition to web development, she produces digital graphics, videos, animated explainers, and portraiture work. Her other hats include: long-time math and psychological science educator, ordained UCC clergy, disabled veteran who is for peace, disability justice advocate, population health and disability policy researcher, and sociology PhD candidate.

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