the beginning of a new year

The End of One Year, the Beginning of Another

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This Sunday is the last Sunday in the Christian year. Traditionally it is “Christ the King” or “Reign of Christ” Sunday. It is a day to reflect on where we are in our faith journey as individuals and as a community. This year, it is also “Thanksgiving Sunday” and a day to give thanks.

breathing deeply

Breathing Deeply

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Herein lies the hope. We are a people of hope in the midst of a struggling world. We trust that Love will prevail, eventually. We also know that Love needs our hands, our voices, our presence, our prayers, our actions to bring about healing. 

self care

True Self-Care

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What are you doing for yourself this week? Will you make time for your favorite hobby or activity? Will join in a communal activity or two? Will you take a nap? Will you take some time to be still and take in the beauty of Creation? What nurtures you, restores you, or gives you rest? 

preparing for a journey

Preparing for the Journey

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Next is a series on "Change" which will also include stewardship. Then it really will be Advent and we'll embark on the journey to Bethlehem together. I'm wondering what you need in your life and what we need in the life of the community to be ready for that journey.

continuing on the journey

Continuing on the Journey

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It's important to check in with ourselves, and make sure we aren't taking on too much or isolating ourselves too much. At this time of year, I frequently think about balance. Please take time to enjoy the beauty of the world around us in the midst of keeping up with everything else.

time for change


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As you know, Sybylla has been our office manager for several years. Her time with us has come to an end. This means we have no one in the office - virtual or actual. Accordingly, this is the last Tuesday Table Talk. Table Talk will be coming out on Thursdays only after this week.