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Where is the rest of the site?

The former Living Table website was, and I’m saying this in my best Minnesotan dialect, not too good. And what you see here is a minimalistic placeholder.

Great question! Let me explain.

The former Living Table website was, and I’m saying this in my best Minnesotan dialect, not too good. It was wholly inaccessible to disabled website visitors, which goes against Living Table’s values and is illegal. It was hard to navigate, and it couldn’t even load as a secure (https) website, which is why in Summer 2021 some folks realized at vesper services that their phones simply refused to even let the Living Table website load at all, for security reasons. After working with Council, discussing the different people expected to visit this website and for what purposes, they decided to scrap that old website and create something new, accessible, and much more functional.

Importantly, as of April – June, 2022, you are not seeing that new website, not exactly. What you are seeing is what I’m calling a minimalistic placeholder. It does all that your previous site did, but better. I will be working behind the scenes to develop the new website, which will have a membership feature (think of it like your own little facebook, without the ads and spying). We’ll be able to register for events like we do with other organizations, and get email reminders about them, contact info for other members to coordinate projects, and so much more.

I will open this page for comments so you can ask questions of me, or leave comments below if you’d like.

4/8/22 edit: There are many wonderful things about Living Table’s past, present, and future. Right now this is a functional placeholder website, and the substantive content isn’t here yet. First, I need to develop the complete website. Then, I need to get the church leadership to write the copy they want to share for all of that. The minimalistic placeholder site is just a short term website that (unlike your previous website): is CWV compliant, has the appropriate security so as to no longer be blocked by modern devices, is WCAG 2.0 accessible for people with disabilities (exceptions noted in Accessibility Statement), legal, and functional. Thanks for your patience. 🙂 You can use the comments below if you want to ask questions or leave comments.

Erika working on a laptop
Erika working on a laptop
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Erika Sanborne is the website developer and administrator for Living Table. In addition to web development, she produces digital graphics, videos, animated explainers, and portraiture work. Her other hats include: long-time math and psychological science educator, ordained UCC clergy, disabled veteran who is for peace, disability justice advocate, population health researcher and sociology PhD candidate.

14 thoughts on “Where is the rest of the site?”

  1. Hopefully, this minimalistic placeholder will serve you well while I cook up the rest of the complete/new website with all the features and informational details that the complete website will have!

  2. Hi, Erika,
    It’s a lovely placeholder website, with lots of help (bulletin, contact, etc.). Thank you for all the work you did on it and are going to do on the final one.

    I hope we can take photos soon to replace the pictures, which give the impression that we are a young congregation. That might attract people in their 20s and 30s, but it isn’t who we are now, and young newcomers might be disappointed in us.

    I didn’t choose to allow cookies because I have always been warned away from them. I just closed the pop-up screen. Should we accept the cookies? Do they help the church?

    • Thanks, Ann. Of course I will replace the photos once I have actual photos and a photo release from the people seen in them. This hasn’t been possible for over two years, and I have not had a chance to take photos inside the new space yet. Also, this is a temporary website.

      Regarding accepting cookies, you can do what you want. Website cookies in this case are here for you. For the most part, the internet won’t function very well for you if you do not accept at least the functional cookies from websites. The sites that don’t allow you to control this are actually breaking the law and can be sued. You can find out a bit more by reading the Cookie Policy I’ve written up for this website, where you can also control which cookies you accept or not. For example, there are no ads on this website, so the cookies are not here to “track you for the benefit of the website” but, rather, to make the site work. Once the membership site is up and running, you wouldn’t be able to log in without cookies, because you cannot log in to any site without cookies. Again, all websites use cookies to function.

  3. Is Living Table merely located at this New Branches thing mentioned once? Or is Living Table part of some greater multi-church collaboration? If I did not know I would draw the conclusion that Living Table is strictly located in some building called New Branches at 5011 31st Ave. S.

    • Thanks, Marcie. This is a temporary, minimalistic placeholder, with a lot of things missing from a complete website. There’s a lot of “explaining things” that would happen otherwise. Other things missing are things like: Who is the pastor? Can I see or read recent sermons? What is the history of Living Table UCC? What is the UCC denomination all about?

      • Thanks Erika, I forgot to mention my first impression “wow, this is pretty slick!”
        I understand about the minimalistic place holder nature and it is quite cool in that regard. I think that Living Table’s participation in the New Branches collaborative (as well as residing in the building) is an indication of the progressive, cool, collaborative, justice oriented, radically inclusive nature of Living Table. Seems to me that deserves a shout out (can be minimalistic) even in the most minimalistic website version. Thanks

  4. What a fabulous improvement….and this is only the beginning. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing skills, time, expertise, and passions.

  5. I was delighted to see this:

    “Living Table is a community of people who are on a spiritual journey. We seek to follow the radical teachings of Jesus that focus on liberation and justice for all peoples. We have a diversity of perspectives on who Jesus is and was, but we are committed to embodying the love he taught, love of neighbor and self that is unconditional.

    We are a group of believers, seekers, followers, and skeptics. We firmly believe that all people have a place at God’s table. Therefore, each Sunday we celebrate that Christ is the host, Christ sets the table, and Christ welcomes all.”

    Fom my perspective, it is a better statement than I have ever seen in print before, because it gives more of a hint of the breadth of belief and non-belief that is accepted and respected–something that I have known about only because I happened in to experience it in person. Personally, I wish this statement could go even further in making clear to those who read it, the welcome and attitude of inclusivity that greeted me.

    • Thanks for sharing, Nancy. I think when the compete website is done (later this year) I’ll have more about this on the site. 🙂

  6. Have been considering your congregation by talking with Margaret Mary Keating in whose complex I reside. I was raised Southern Baptist (in Oklahoma), but can no longer affiliate with them for many reasons. I look forward to meeting with & talking to those in the UCC congregation in order to find a place of worship & service. Your website has been very helpful to me as an introduction to this group of Believers. I look forward to meeting y’all in person in the near future!
    Brett Ellard


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