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Hello! We're so glad you want to register for the Living Table website. This is an all-in-one registration for Table Talk newsletter sign-up and church directory management.

Registering on the Living Table website allows you to do three things: Subscribe to Table Talk (newsletter), and enter your contact information for the church directory, and access members-only content.

New friends, if you only want to subscribe to Table Talk, you can subscribe here. Church regulars, if you also want to access members-only content and complete your non-public church directory profile, please complete this registration.

After registering, you will receive two emails:

(1) An opt-in email with a link to confirm your Table Talk subscription.
(2) An email with a link to create a password for your account on this website.

Please enter your phone number and mailing address for the Living Table directory. None of this information will be made public. You can log in to edit, update, or remove any or all of your contact information at any time.

Please enter your mailing address.

Please include first names of children (under 18 y.o.) in your care if you'd like them to be included in church correspondence.

This information helps us to know who is family with the church directory.

Please type the name of your partner/non-child family member of the same household who has also completed a profile. Do not list other people who have not registered. Living Table cannot store their info without their consent.

Please give the name and phone number of an emergency contact for yourself. Living Table assumes you have this person's permission to list them, and Living Table will only ever contact them to communicate about you in an emergency.

If you do not agree with the Privacy Policy, you cannot register for an account on this website.

Registration confirmation will be emailed to you.

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