Living Table is a compassionate community drawn together in Christ to embody love, seek justice, and invite healing.

A diverse group of cartoon people using different phones and laptops set up for worship service; the Living Table logo, which represents our altar, is the altar in this image.
welcoming Fox after Baptism
parents, sponsors, pastor and Fox, after Baptism at Living Table UCC
How Matilda, a Minnesota Moose, Saw the First Christmas
Christmas Eve narrative read in a dimly blue lit sanctuary decorated for Christmas with large Advent candle stands around the altar. © Erika Sanborne Media used with permission.
Easter bonnets
Colorful bonnets seen at Living Table on Easter Sunday.

We are W.I.S.E. which means that we are welcoming, inclusive, supportive, and engaged with persons who have mental health challenges

We believe in just peace which means that world peace will be achieved through justice for all

We are open and affirming which means that we welcome QT (queer and/or trans) people intentionally, and people of all gender identities and sexual orientations

We strive to be anti-racist which means we commit to seeking and supporting racial justice for all peoples

We believe that God is still speaking in sacred and contemporary texts and through creation itself

Living Table logo
Living Table is spelled out above a rainbow table top with two, strong tree-shaped legs with the United Church of Christ logo beneath.

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Celebrating Spirit at Pentecost
Dark reds and golds of sunset with a park bench and tree in silhouette. Image courtesy of Lars Nissen via Pixabay.

Pastoral Notes


The Joyful Chaos of Life in the Spirit

Pentecost is the “birthday of the church” and it is a celebration of the Holy Spirit.

Early spring woods with trees beginning to bud and a small pond in the background, against a blue sky. Image courtesy of Rachael Keefe.

Pastoral Notes


Unfurling: A Poem about Grief and Hope

While I am away writing, I share with you my latest poem.

Masks Required
Yellow round emoji pillow wearing a white mask. Image courtesy of Alexa via Pixabay.

COVID Policy Updates

Last updated on 5/25/23. Masks will be required on two Sundays a month, optional on others.

Happpy Barb
Barb, a woman with short gray hair and earrings wearing a purple shirt is smiling outdoors at a park; image is ©Erika Sanborne Media and used with permission.

Obituary for Barb Huwe

Barb’s Celebration of Life will be at Living Table on Friday, June 9, at 1 pm.

Maki Ashe Van Steenwyk
Maki Ashe Van Steenwyk stands near a communion table, wearing a yellow, blue and white dress, at Living Table UCC.

Poem by Maki Ashe Van Steenwyk

Ashe concluded her sermon on May 21, 2023 with her poem about the Holy Spirit, shared here.

Ann after church with thank you
Ann smiles, coffee cup in hand, and stands next to a table with a cake on it that reads, “Thank you, Ann!”

Celebrating Ann King

Ann’s multiple contributions to the Living Table Community were celebrated on May 21, 2023.

Volunteer with New Branches at Twin Cities Pride
Cartoon human shapes arranged in rainbow order. Image courtesy of Maicon Fonseca Zanco via Pixabay.

Volunteer with New Branches at Twin Cities Pride June 24-25, 2023

It’s not too early to sign up to volunteer at Pride 2023.