Living Table UCC is a compassionate community drawn together in Christ to embody love, seek justice, and invite healing.

  • We are W.I.S.E. which means that we are welcoming, inclusive, supportive, and engaged with persons (and those who love them) with mental health challenges
  • We are open and affirming which means that we welcome people of all gender identities and sexual orientations
  • We believe in just peace which means that world peace will be achieved through justice for all
  • We strive to be anti-racist which means we commit to seeking and supporting racial justice for all peoples
  • We believe that God is still speaking in sacred and contemporary texts and through creation itself
Living Table United Church of Christ
Living Table United Church of Christ


Join Us in the New Sanctuary at New Branches!

Adult Sunday School starts at 9:15am, and worship starts at 10:30am, both in our sanctuary. Be sure to download your bulletin in time for the service if you want. For both ecological and sanitary reasons, we are not going back to relying on printed paper bulletins, and everything is projected in the sanctuary anyway.

Note: Masks are required at this time.

Want to help? If you can deal with some computer mouse clicks, please talk to Sandy S. about taking a turn with the new technology in the new sanctuary that allows us to be hybrid and, thus, accessible to folks who cannot join us in person. We need you.

Palm Sunday Hybrid Worship Service
Palm Sunday Hybrid Worship Service, with some folks in person and others online, all interactive

You may also be interested in reading about Palm Sunday: Our First Fully Interactive Hybrid Service.

some smiling and waving at laptop, drinking coffee with a cat on his shoulders
man with cat attending church virtually


Join Us Live via Zoom at the Same Times – Be Sure to Get the Meeting Passcode!

To have some security, our Zoom meeting passcodes are available in Thursday’s Table Talk newsletter (need to sign up?). You can also get the passcodes from any church member you may know (or contact us).

Adult Sunday School begins at 9:15am Central (Zoom link) and worship begins at 10:30am Central (Zoom link). Remember to download the bulletin.

You can also join us for Saturday morning Bible Study at 8am (Zoom link).

Wait. Where is the rest of the website?

Great question. Let me explain.