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Living Table UCC is a special community of faith today. Here is an overview of their roots.

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As the offspring of Spirit of the Lakes and Minnehaha UCC, Living Table UCC carries with it the legacies of inclusivity and progressive witness that characterized Spirit and Minnehaha. As a church in covenant with the United Church of Christ (UCC), Living Table is a part of their history as well. The UCC as a denomination traces their roots back four hundred years in the U.S., and officially formed in the present day iteration in 1957. You can learn more about the history of our denomination on the UCC website.

Of their roots, Spirit of the Lakes once wrote on their website: “In 1988 dozens crammed into the ‘Upper Room’ at the Aliveness Project on East 38th Street as a community church without denominational affiliation. We gathered to be with each other as queer people, hear The Word read and preached, to break the Bread and share the Cup, and to have social time afterward…Spirit of the Lakes (SOTL) was welcomed into the United Church of Christ in 1992” (SOTL Internet Archive). SOTL was also the first congregation comprised of QT (queer and/or trans) members and allies to join a mainline denomination.

A much fuller version of this write-up on the history of Living Table is forthcoming, with more robustness from the church leadership and elders who can best tell their story. In the meantime, here is a short list of articles related to Living Table’s history.

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