Living Table’s Present and Future Outlook

communion with Roomers
Living Table UCC hybrid interactive communion with Roomers

Where is Living Table now, and where are they headed? What is the hope for the future?

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Living Table is a special community of faith. Many have described them as “the best kept secret.” There are sacred things about being involved at Living Table that many folks find nowhere else but in this community right here. It is hard to put into words what that integrity and genuine desire to be inclusive and generous look like, but we will try a bit here.

Part of what makes Living Table special is what they were a part of as founding partners of New Branches…

A much fuller version of this write-up on the present and future outlook at Living Table is forthcoming, with more robustness from the church leadership and elders who can best tell their story. In the meantime, please visit the blog, read more about the staff, contact us if you have questions, and by all means join us some Sunday! Church is so much more than Sunday mornings, but that is often the first entry, and you are very welcome anytime. Read about what Sundays are like at Living Table.

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