Beacon Leadership Assembly June 10, 2024

Hope on a Sidewalk
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Plan to attend this event to find out the latest with Beacon and learn about what is coming up.

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From Beacon:

Beacon Leadership Assembly
Monday, June 10, 2024 at New Branches at 7 pm in the large sanctuary

This gathering will be the time to process what really happened this legislative session, celebrate the work Beacon leaders did, and learn about how to support two new buildings opening in the coming months- Emerson Village and Vista 44.

Perhaps most importantly, we will also be sharing about a new campaign that we think has the potential to solve the funding crisis that all supportive housing providers are currently facing around operating costs and supportive services costs.

We’d love to see some New Branches folks there- we know you all care a lot about supportive housing and would appreciate the updates on this new strategy as well as the openings of the new buildings.

You’ve shown up big for our buildings and for advocacy this session and we want to thank you and update you!

Please register.

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