Bimosedaa Collection to End Mid-March 2024

Laundry and cleaning supplies
A blue basket containing laundry detergent and bottles of other cleaners. A blue cloth is folded over the front edge. Image licensed from Envato Elements.

A few more items are needed; please donate if you are able!

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From Kat V. of Lake Nokomis Lutheran:

Thanks to everyone from our faith communities who has generously contributed. We’ve also received quite a few donations from other Beacon faith communities. I’ve shared this update with Beacon and Avivo, the onsite service provider at Bimosedaa.

To complete the last 14 welcome kits (out of 48 total units/residents), we need:

Kitchen and Bath

  • 3 pillows
  • 5 bath mats
  •  few sets of silverware
  • 12 coffee mugs (for 6 kits)
  • 12 cups (for 6 kits)
  • 9 turners
  • 4 can openers
  • 10 saucepans
  • 7 toilet brushes
  • 5 windex or all-purpose cleaners
  • plungers
  • brooms

Hygiene Items

  • 13 shampoos
  • 13 conditioners
  • 12 body wash
  • 9 deodorants
  • Menstrual products


  • Target Gift Cards

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