Celebration of Life for Barb Huwe

Happpy Barb
Barb, a woman with short gray hair and earrings wearing a purple shirt is smiling outdoors at a park; image is ©Erika Sanborne Media and used with permission.

Friday June 9 at 1pm Central, both in person and via Zoom


A Celebration of Life Service for Barb Huwe will be held at Living Table UCC on Friday, June 9, 2023 at 1pm Central Time. It is a hybrid service, which you can attend either in person or via Zoom. Please come as you are to celebrate the life of Barb together on this day.

How to Attend

The Zoom meeting has no passcode and the waiting room is enabled. To expedite allowing folks into the Zoom meeting, please log in to Zoom and, if possible, use a name that we might recognize.

If attending in person, find Living Table gathering in the large sanctuary within New Branches. This should be easy to find upon entering the building.

View our location on Google Maps.

Join us on Zoom.

Download the bulletin.

How to Invite Others

Share a link to this exact webpage. You can also send someone to livingtable.org, because the banner on top of the website directs here too.

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2 thoughts on “Celebration of Life for Barb Huwe”

  1. Hmm, I was anticipating that the service would be in the large sanctuary. Barb was beloved by so many people that I’m concerned about all the live attendees fitting in the small sanctuary.

    • Thanks for asking, Nancy. This service will be in the large sanctuary. This post has been corrected with that information, and previously had a clerical error noting small sanctuary.


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