Erika Thanks Living Table for the Donation

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Love is Boss - Let's Help in Honduras received your donation today - thanks!

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On Sunday May 14, Living Table gave Erika a donation to deliver to Love is Boss – Let’s Help in Honduras, one of the causes Erika supports.

This was to acknowledge Erika’s ongoing donations to Living Table, such as developing this website, managing the church email and newsletter, the website’s ongoing weekly maintenance, responding to all electronic correspondence that comes in to the church, from the website contact form to all the requests for Zoom passcodes, and establishing and now managing Living Table’s tech accounts in good standing with Google, Microsoft and others.

Erika writes

Thank you so much for making a donation to Love is Boss. Some of you may recall that Rabbi Amy (who manages Love is Boss) and Miguel (who lives in Honduras) spoke at Living Table a few years ago. Pastor Rachael and I support them with a monthly commitment of funds, and with one-time additional money at some other times during the year for certain circumstances.

I truly believe that what they are doing there is magical, and I’ve never known anyone who can stretch a penny better than Miguel and Amy. Every dollar you donate not only goes directly to Honduras (Amy and her wife personally pay the gofundme transaction fees so that 100% of all donations go to Honduras), but once your donated funds are there, local folks even purchase what’s needed from local shops, so that they further invest in the local economy.

What they do

Often what they are buying is something like blood or medication, so that someone can have a medical procedure. They also make sure everyone has a chicken and a birthday cake for their birthday. And it’s all possible because of this fund, and the reputation Miguel has earned, because of the backing of the people who put a little bit of money into this each month.

They support an entire village and save lives with less than what most of us live on in our single family households. Please go read a few stories for a sense of it all – it’s so awesome.

What you can do

If interested in learning more, please click through and read some of the past many updates of stories.

I will also be sending a link to this post to Rabbi Amy. So feel free to ask questions here in the comments, and Amy can respond to you right here, okay?

They are quite the community, down in that rural coffee farming town. If you drink coffee, I bet on the gofundme page there are photos of some children who may have farmed the coffee you drink. And they need a bit more regular income. They don’t need much, by our American standards. Their grand total that they need is $2500/month, and they’re almost there. If you feel so moved, and could commit some amount each month to bring them closer, please do it.

I thank you once again for making a donation in my name, to them.

Peace, Erika

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