Getting to Know Our First Nations Neighbors

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Bright colors appear in a kaleidoscope pattern; Image courtesy of Dmitri Posudin via Pixabay.

This field trip is supported by the New Branches Land Acknowledgement (and beyond) Team, updated July 6.


Please join members of the New Branches Land Acknowledgement (and beyond) Team in visiting with, and getting to know, our First Nations Neighbors. On Thursday, July 27 at 11 am, you’re invited to meet up at 1414 E. Franklin Ave. While there you can:

    1. Enjoy a cup of coffee at the Pow Wow Grounds coffee shop.

    2. Receive a guided tour of All My Relations Gallery’s new exhibit: “Inde Wiisagendam (My Heart Hurts)” by multimedia artist Laura Youngbird.

    3. Shop for vegetables from Dream of Wild Health at Four Sisters Farmers Market. The Mission of Dream of Wild Health is to restore health and well-being in the Native Community by recovering knowledge of and access to healthy Indigenous foods, medicines and life ways.

A count is needed. If you plan to go, please email Pr. Rachael.

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