Heart Circle Meets on January 4, 2024

Circle of hands holding hearts
Three children with brightly colored winter coats and hands are holding paper hearts in a circle. Image licensed from Envato Elements.

Join us tonight on Zoom. Heart Circle meets on Zoom on the first Thursday of the month at 6:30 pm.

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Heart Circle is the perfect place to come if you have something on your mind you would like to share. This group has consistently been a place to share whatever is weighing on you and receive support, verbal responses if you want them.

If you’ve never been to Heart Circle before and you are feeling the heaviness of the season or you just want to feel a connection with others, plan to attend on Zoom on 1/4/24, or the first Thursday of any month. You can share or just listen, whatever is most comfortable for you.

All are welcome. The Zoom info is in the dashboard when you sign in to the website.

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