March is One Great Hour of Sharing Month

Giving coins from one to another
A jar of coins is between two sets of palm-up hands. Image licensed from Envato Elements.

Please support this UCC offering as much as you are able.

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In March, we are collecting for the UCC special offering One Great Hour of Sharing. This Lenten offering supports the disaster, refugee, and development ministries of the United Church of Christ. With the many disasters and refugees in the world today, these offerings are much needed.

You can give online by entering the amount you are giving in the “UCC Special Offering” spot or by writing a check and marking it for the One Great Hour of Sharing. Of course, you can give cash with a note for what it’s for as well.

These UCC Special Offerings are one of the ways in which we honor our covenantal relationship with the national church. Please be as generous as you are able.

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