Q and A about Augsburg Fairview Academy

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Augsburg Fairview Academy will soon move into New Branches. Here's what you need to know.


Questions and Answers about Augsburg Fairview Academy, the new school moving into New Branches


What do we know about Augsburg Fairview Academy?

Augsburg Fairview Academy (AFA) is a public charter school beginning its 20th year of successfully serving high school students (grades 9 – 12). Past enrollment has been about 100 students. Here’s how they describe themselves: “We offer a teen-friendly and family-friendly atmosphere in which students are deeply respected, and everyone is held to a high standard of personal behavior.”

AFA’s current location is scheduled for demolition, so they’re very excited to move into the New Branches space. And we’re just as excited to warmly welcome them into their new home.

How long is the school’s lease? Do we anticipate a long-term arrangement?

The school lease is for one year with an option to renew on or before this October. However, we anticipate a long-term lease arrangement and relationship.

When is AFA moving into the building? When do students start school?

The lease begins July 1 with most furniture and equipment coming over June 19-21. In the meantime, New Branches is addressing heating issues in the education wing and preparing spaces for our new tenant.

Classes begin on Sept. 3. AFA follows the Minneapolis Public School calendar.

Which rooms and spaces in the building will the school use – and at what times of day? Are there any spaces that will be used exclusively by the school?

They’ll use the education wing, and the gym, Family Room and Meeting Room in the lower level of the building, as well as New Branches Hall for lunch. The kitchen will only be used for serving food prepared by their caterer. Some rooms in the education wing will be used exclusively by the school; all other spaces will be shared.

The school’s regular schedule is from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Some events for families may be scheduled for weeknights, but generally the shared spaces are available for the faith communities outside of school hours.

Will there be changes to building security?

Yes – security is a high priority for the school and their students. All building exterior doors will remain locked during school hours. In the education wing, the exterior doors and vestibule doors will remain locked. The double doors between The Commons and the education wing will be locked during school hours to limit access from The Commons side without permission.

Teachers and students will access the building only through the 50th Street doors. In fact, the school’s address is 3109 50th St. East – separate from New Branches which is 5011 31st Ave. South. The parking lot is available for their use.

Who should we contact with questions?

Dennis W., New Branches Building Manager, will be the main liaison between the school and New Branches.

Watch for future updates as we work together for a positive transition and relationship.

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  1. I had the opportunity to meet the director and lead teacher today. They are really happy with New Branches and feel very welcome so far!


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