The Social Justice Team Shares Free Event from MN Writers Series

Book Launch on February 8
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Join the MN Writers Series for "The Stories of Whiteness Tells Itself" book launch on February 8, at 7 pm at the Minnesota Humanities Event Center.

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MN Writers Series: The Stories Whiteness Tells Itself Book Launch
February 8, 2023 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm CST

From the press release: “Join us in celebrating the release of David Mura’s new book, The Stories Whiteness Tells Itself: Racial Myths and Our American Narratives, released in January of 2023 by University of Minnesota Press. Following a reading of selections from the new book, Mura will be joined by best-selling author and President of Innocent Technologies Alexs Pate for a discussion on the issues of race, history and education. A book signing will follow the talk. Part of the Minnesota Writers Series. Co-sponsored by University of Minnesota Press.”

About the book: “From the country’s founding through the summer of Black Lives Matter in 2020, Mura’s new book unmasks how white stories about race attempt to erase the brutality of the past and underpin systemic racism in the present. Mura shows how deeply we need to change our racial narratives to dissolve the myth of Whiteness and fully acknowledge the experiences of Black Americans. Poet Douglas Kearney has said of Mura’s new book that it “offers what so many Americans claim they want: a rigorous education in perceiving themselves stripped of their dearest myths.”

About the author: “David Mura is a poet, writer of creative nonfiction and fiction, critic, and playwright. He is author of ‘A Stranger’s Journey: Race, Identity, and Narrative Craft in Writing’ and the memoirs ‘Turning Japanese: Memoirs of a Sansei’ and ‘Where the Body Meets Memory: An Odyssey of Race, Sexuality, and Identity’. He is coeditor, with Carolyn Holbrook, of ‘We Are Meant to Rise: Voices for Justice from Minneapolis to the World’ (2021). He lives in Minneapolis.”

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