Update Bimosedaa Donations 12/28/23

Laundry and cleaning supplies
A blue basket containing laundry detergent and bottles of other cleaners. A blue cloth is folded over the front edge. Image licensed from Envato Elements.

The first residents will move into Bimosedaa on Friday, December 29, 2023.

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Exciting news to report:

The first six residents of Bimosedaa will move into their new homes this Friday! Thanks to our generosity, they’ll each receive a welcome basket with some necessitates to help them settle in and look to the new year with hope.

Is it too late to contribute?

No, it’s not! More residents, many coming from a homeless situation, will continue to move in through January, February and beyond. Even after the Christmas tree in the Commons comes down, we’ll continue to collect necessities from Beacon congregations for more welcome baskets. Check under the tree now to see what we have and what we could use more of. Pillows and bedding  for long twin beds are also needed. Our partners at Beacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative will continue to update us on needs and opportunities.

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