Walk With Us to End Homelessness Two Ways

Walking on a winter sidewalk
A couple walking away from the camera on a winter sidewalk. Image licensed from Envato Elements.

Walk indoors or outdoors to raise funds for Agate Housing and Services on February 24, 2024.

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Living Table United Church of Christ & Spirit of St. Stephen’s Catholic Community are committed to raising funds for Agate Housing and Services. On February 24, we will be part of the national Coldest Night of The Year campaign as “Advocates for the Unhoused” Team.  

One walk will take place outside beginning at the Agate Food Center located at 714 Park Ave. in Minneapolis at 4 PM.

Another walk will take place inside, at New Branches, from 2-4 PM on the same day. The accessible indoor circuit is 1/4 mile throughout the building with refreshments in the Commons; you may walk as many circuits as you wish! You may also do some outside walking in our New Branches neighborhood. 

 Consider donating or joining the team as a walker.

If you have questions about the indoor walk talk with Ann K. If you have questions about the outdoor walk talk with Greg O.

Whether inside or out, whether walking or donating, together, we can ensure dignified housing for all as we walk in the footsteps of our neighbors in need. 

Other Questions? Contact Ann K.

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