Wise Aging Workshop November 19, 2023

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Ed Colón is offering a workshop on Wise Aging on November 19, 2023, following worship, in person only.


Are You Aging Wisely? Three Questions To Ask Yourself

Experts on aging tell us if we live our senior years according to the same program with which we lived young and middle adulthood that we will have missed a great opportunity for growth and fulfillment. For many seniors, this realization comes too late. This one hour workshop is about proactively exploring common issues of aging so that our sunset years can be filled with meaning and satisfaction. In it, we will discuss questions like:

  • Are you living your senior years as a modified, but never-ending, extension of middle-life?
  • Has aging brought you any closer to meaning, fulfillment, or any surprise discoveries about yourself?
  • What baggage (emotional, psychological, or spiritual) are you still carrying?
  • We will hear what aging experts have to say about these important years and discuss the important questions that reveal what opportunities we may have to make our elderhood that much richer. 

Facilitator: Ed Colón, M.A., Psychological and Spiritual Development Through the Lifespan

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