You’re Invited to an On-line Event to Learn about Land Stories

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The Land Acknowledgement and Beyond (LAB) Team of New Branches invites you to learn more and get involved in justice for indigenous peoples.

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The Land Acknowledgment and Beyond Group invites you to an online event:

Uncovering True(r) Land Stories: Land History as a Step Towards Repair

On Tuesday, Sept. 26, at 3-5pm, join the Land Justice Project of Nuns and Nones, along with Jessica Intermill, a treaty rights and tribal law attorney and land history consultant, as they dig into the layers of story that can be held within a single parcel of land. While we know that 98% of private land in the U.S. is held by white landowners, the story of how indigenous land became white-owned property is often hidden.

Using one specific piece of property to demonstrate the multiple layers of story within a place, the program will look into a parcel of land owned by the Franciscan Sisters of Little Falls in Minnesota. It will dig into the stories of that land and how it came to be owned by settlers — stories of Dakota and Ojibwe peoples, French fur traders and their children, the first Acts of Congress by a revolting republic, trading posts and Indian Agents, and ambitious local land speculators. With this land story as a foundation, the program will look at how this research process can be a step toward repairing generational wounds and offer tips to begin your own land justice journey.

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