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as autumn unfolds

As Autumn Unfolds

We truly have so much that is needed in the world around us. Our continuous question is how do we share what we have in a way that makes a difference to those we encounter?

renewed beginnings

Renewed Beginnings

I am grateful to the Living Table community for the time away, with special thanks to those who went above and beyond to sustain and grow the life and ministry of this community.

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Goodbye and Thank You

I’m deeply grateful for your warmth, your flexibility (Yes, your flexibility), your faithfulness, and your curiosity about what it means to be church and Love-makers during these troubled times.

Living Table is a part of New Branches

Ends and Odds, Odds and Ends

This Sunday, August 28, we finish our three-Sunday worship series, Day by Day, The Ancient Made New! This week, we focus on the birthing practices, Breathe and Push. Can’t get much more ancient or new than that, can we?!

Living Table is a part of New Branches

Clearer Picture

As we near the end of our sojourn together, I’ve noticed I have a much clearer picture of the path we’ve already walked than I had when we were actually walking it.