Non-shouty, Whisper Thursday

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Here's an opportunity to be affirmed for your current thought, whatever is on your heart.


On her social media page, Erika has a Non-shouty, Whisper Thursday post each week. This is an invitation for her page followers to share whatever is on their minds without bells and whistles – no caps, no gifs, just simple words.

The result is a beautiful exchange of support, affirmation, and the creation of community. I thought it would be worth a try here.

We all have things going on in our lives. Share here whatever you want – from silliness to sadness and all points in between. Everyone needs a bit of affirmation now and then. Here’s your chance.

I’ll start us off with my own comment. Continue on from there.

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Rev. Dr. Rachael Keefe is the pastor of Living Table United Church of Christ. She was called to Living Table in 2015 after serving in many varied ministry settings since her ordination in 1992. She holds graduate degrees from Princeton Theological Seminary and Andover Newton Seminary at Yale (formerly Andover Newton Theological School). Her ministry and leadership often center around advocacy and accessibility. Her writing has been published by Chalice Press, The Christian Century, Red Letter Christians, Working Preacher, RevGalBlogPals, and others. She is grateful to be in ministry with Living Table today.

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9 thoughts on “Non-shouty, Whisper Thursday”

  1. I am trying to figure out how to make grain-free, dairy-free, sugar-free eclairs because my tradition is to remember my mother by baking something she liked. Now I have to make a lot of substitutions. This will be an adventure for sure.

  2. I’m super excited to have chickens that are giving me eggs everyday and that the rhubarb is ready. I have both eggs and rhubarb in my fridge.

  3. While driving in the countryside in Wisconsin, Darcy and I marveled at the daffodils sporadically popping up here and there. On the side of the road, by a pond, in a plowed field. We wondered how they got there!

  4. Mars pulled away from the Sun’s gravitational force this past Thursday, balancing the axis of this red rock of a planet. Can the change of mood & life circumstances really be affected by the appearance of a wack-out orbiting planet?


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