December 24, 2023 Worship Schedule

Lots of single flames in the dark.
Many single candle flames in a black background. Image licensed from Envato Elements.

December 24, 2023 is the Fourth Sunday in Advent in the morning (Zoom only) and two Christmas Eve services in the evening (both in person and on Zoom).

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Sunday Morning at 10:30 the Fourth Sunday in Advent – Love is on ZOOM ONLY (There is NO Sunday Circle)

The morning service will be on Zoom only. You may wear your Christmas jammies if you like. Don’t forget to have something to eat and drink ready for communion. See you on Zoom!

Christmas Eve 5:30 pm Intergenerational Service

Join us for a shorter worship service at 5:30 pm in the small sanctuary or on Zoom. This service celebrates the child in all of us and will feature a new adventure of Chloe the Camel.

Christmas Eve 11 pm Candlelight and Carols Service

This is a beautiful, contemplative service with candlelight, carols and the story told through poetry and scripture. You may join in person or on Zoom.

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