Lent 2023 Visually Broken, Exposed, Resurrected

making the mosaic during Lent
Work in progress, this mosaic is being created during Lent at Living Table this year.

We have been adding to our mosaic weekly during Lent. Here is a peak at what it looks like at this point.


As you may remember, our theme for Lent has been “Broken, Exposed, Resurrected: A Twelve Step Journey Through Lent.” Beach glass or lake glass is the image we have invited you to contemplate. Think of a piece of broken glass tossed into the ocean or lake to emerge years later smoothed and beautiful.

We are the glass, and our hope is that we are exposing our “rough edges” throughout Lent and allowing the exposure to the Spirit and to our community to begin to smooth them out…

making a mosaic
Deb Gave is working on the mosaic being created during Lent at Living Table; image is shared with Deb’s express permission.

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5 thoughts on “Lent 2023 Visually Broken, Exposed, Resurrected”

  1. This looks great. I love that there is art happening in church.

    This reminds me (a LOT) of a good friend of mine, whose name is Joy. When I began seminary 20 years ago, Joy was an artist in residence who told everyone they were an artist too, and she gave them the space and the supplies to create meaningful things…

  2. There is something meditative about placing broken pieces together, shining a new light of color into an arrangement of wholeness!

    • Nancy, perhaps you will be able to enjoy the finished project at some point, though I understand that is not at all the same as helping to put it together.


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