RAT Seeks Poetry Writers for Lent

Poets needed for Lent
A black fountain pen against a blurred orange background. Image courtesy of Christine Sponchia via Pixabay.

If you write poetry and would like to share your gifts with the community, RAT would like to have an original poem for each Sunday in Lent.


The Ritual Art Team (RAT) has decided to include poetry for Lent. This means your talents are needed.

If you are interested in writing a poem or two for Lent, please comment below. You will receive an email with the themes for each week so you can choose one (or more) that resonates with you.

Folx really enjoyed the poems shared during Advent and would like more during Lent. There are no requirements for length or style, or even experience. Pr. Rachael is willing to help anyone who wants to try writing a poem for any of the Sundays in Lent.

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4 thoughts on “RAT Seeks Poetry Writers for Lent”

  1. With the words heard at the last RAT meeting, a poem was written & sent to your email. Don’t know if its will touch one of the themes.


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