Spirals by Darcy Rowe

Advent Peace
White dove flying through nighttime snowy sky. Image courtesy of Gerd Altmann via Pixabay.

Darcy wrote this poem for the second Sunday of Advent - Peace.


Peace is seen in the gentle folding and
unfolding leaves of the shamrock plant,
Is heard in the silence of a deep forest grove,
Is felt in the deep cold of inland seas.
Peace is authenticated in the dance of stars at night
and in the humbling expansion of galaxies.
Peace is chanted in the balanced four part harmony of
Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.

Peace is seen in snow falling within a bright winter stillness,
Is tasted in the tolerable heat of a fresh cup of coffee.
Peace is felt in the warm embrace of other,
Is centered in a gathering of loving people on common ground.
Peace is the security felt within a determined community.

Peace is Spirit’s calm voice whispering in our hearts,
Is the unbound potency harbored in co-creation with holiness.
Peace is the spiraling dance of all Creation living on
In the sacred movements of the universe.

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