Uncovering Joy by Sarah McMahill

Advent Joy Poem
Copper letter blocks with the word joy cut out and lit from inside with candles. Image courtesy of David Osborne via Pexels

This poem was written by Sarah McMahill for the Third Sunday of Advent, the Sunday of Joy.

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when darkness threatens to take over,
Joy is there to remind me
that its light comes from deep within…
when hateful words sink claws into my flesh,
Joy is there to transform the claws into resilience…
when i feel all alone in the world,
Joy is there to keep me company…
when grief overcomes,
Joy lifts me…
when thoughts crowd my mind,
Joy quiets me…
when my body fails me,
Joy holds me…
when i can’t seem to find Joy,
Joy finds me and opens my eyes
my body
my heart

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