Everyone Should Register for the New Church Website

Register on the new website
screenshot of Living Table's login screen with "REGISTER on the new WEBSITE" across the center and a cartoon portrait of Erika on the right; image courtesy of Erika Sanborne Media

Register for two reasons: to continue receiving Table Talk, and to create your church directory entry. It should take about three minutes. There is a video demo here for you to watch too.


Why Register?

Well, there are at least three reasons to register. First, registering allows you to subscribe to (the new) Table Talk, so that you will receive the weekly email newsletter from the church. December 15, 2022 was the last Table Talk sent out by Constant Contact. Now, the website sends out Table Talk directly. If you’d like to receive Table Talk starting December 22, register on the website.

Second, registering allows you to enter your own church directory information. Gone are the days when someone typing this into a typewriter or Word document makes good sense. Everyone can and should be able to control their own personally identifiable information. In fact, it’s the law that individuals have privacy rights to control, access, edit, update, and/or delete their directory information as they wish. (Read more about personally-identifiable and membership directories.) So, register so that you can be in the new church directory.

Third, all of the Zoom meeting passcodes are in the dashboard area when you login. We are no longer emailing passcodes out in the general newsletter, for security sake. Meeting passcodes can change too – and when they do, you will always have the latest passcodes in your dashboard. Thus, you should register so that you have access to the Zoom meeting passcodes.

Fourth, after you register you can sign in and access all current and future members-only resources, such as Internal Posts and other internal communications.

Video Demo for You

The first three minutes are showing you registration. The latter two minutes are showing you a few extra things. Spoiler alert: There is a secret logged-in menu that you can only see if you register and log in. Some folks have already done part of the registration, but not all of it. Until you can see the secret logged in menu, you’re not done yet.

check out this demo video on YouTube

Register Where Now?

Scroll up, on top of your screen. See the sign-in/register link? Click it. Go with God. You’ve got this. That is where you register and then that is where you log in next time.

How Many Emails Are Involved?

Two emails. One to opt-in to Table Talk, because Living Table is not in the business of spamming anybody, so you cannot sign up anyone but yourself, which is why there is an opt-in step. Just click the link. And the other one is to create your password so that you can log in on the website (and get to the dashboard, and see the secret logged-in menu, and access Zoon meeting passcodes and other members-only content). Watch the video.

Questions? Comments?

Comment on this post if you have questions. You don’t need to register to comment. Although hopefully you all will register and log in to comment, you can always just comment without logging in – feel free.

Short Term Updates

Since there were no test users, I am editing things as you register in order to accommodate your needs. What this means is that you may notice enhancements from your previous login. For example, today I added:

  • magic login – After you have created your account successfully, if you have trouble logging in, you can now use “magic login” which will email you a magic link. Click the magic link, and you will be automatically logged in. Read about logging in with the magic link.
  • gatekeeping step on Zoom passcodes – When new users first create their accounts, they cannot immediately see Zoom passcodes. That is something I will approve manually, so that random spam accounts or bad actors cannot access Zoom meeting passcodes, and anything else we might later decide to share inside the Dashboard area.

About Erika Sanborne

Erika Sanborne was previously the website developer and administrator for Living Table. In addition to web development, she produces digital graphics, videos, animated explainers, and portraiture work. Her other hats include: long-time math and psychological science educator, ordained UCC clergy, disabled veteran who is for peace, disability justice advocate, population health and disability policy researcher, and sociology PhD candidate. (Read more on Erika's website)

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6 thoughts on “Everyone Should Register for the New Church Website”

  1. I enjoy reading the pastor’s weekly posts but live far away to participate. Will these weekly notes still be available on the blog?

    • Hi Scott, Yes. The pastoral notes are always here on the website. You can choose Pastoral Notes in the blog menu to read these weekly reflections which began back in May 2022 and are shared weekly.

      Nobody is too far away to participate, by the way. If you ever want to join us, please look at “Sundays” in the site menu for details on how to join us remotely, or read the top part of this post. Peace.


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