Share Your Talents – Call for Feature Music for the Fall

the stained glass windows are beautiful
New, multicolored stained glass window installed in the Living Table sanctuary, with shapes of musical instruments. The faint text reads: Make a Joyful sound Unto the Lord.

Are you missing hearing featured music during service? Are you missing singing featured music? Starting in the Fall we are hoping to start sharing featured music again!!!!! YEAH!!!


I made an announcement regarding this three Sundays ago, and I just want to get the information out to all of you again.

Both Rachael and I have been asked by a number of people about choir. We both have concerns about safety with a large number of people singing unmasked facing the congregation. However, we do want to provide the opportunity for people to share special music and music features starting in the Fall. And actually, I will be putting together a music focused service on August 20, and I will want to have some support and additional people involved in that service.

To that end, I would love for you to reach out to me if you are interested in sharing any special music. This can be vocal duets, trios, quartets, or quintets. (Probably no bigger than that.) I would also like to know if you have any instrumental offerings you would like to share. We have spaces for prelude, mid-service features, and postlude. Lots of opportunities to share your musical gifts.

What I would like to know from you:
– Your interest level
– Any ideas you have
– If you would like to do something but don’t have an idea

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Love, light, and music,

About Kevin Werner Hohlstein

Kevin Werner Hohlstein is the Minister of Music at Living Table United Church of Christ, joining the team in February of 2017. As a church musician, Kevin’s started when he was in high school as church organist in his home church in Lodi, Wisconsin. Jump ahead to the early part of the 2000s, Kevin was a member of the music ministry at All God’s Children MCC, including a member of the praise and worship team. In 2003, he was a part of the album released by the praise and worship team, For God’s Sake. Before moving to the Twin Cities, Kevin completed a BA in Music at the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire and while in school had the opportunity to work with the Eau Claire Children’s Theater and Fanny Hill Dinner Theater. Calling the Twin Cities home since 1995, he has worked as a performer, choreographer, and director with many theater companies across the Twin Cities metro and in western Wisconsin. Kevin is a full time faculty member at Perpich Center for Arts Education in Golden Valley and also teaches at Moore Than Dance in Fridley. When he is not creating worship or teaching, he can be seen from time to time around the Twin Cities as a cabaret performer, and is proud to be a founding member of the Twin Cities Cabaret Artists Network (TCCAN).

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7 thoughts on “Share Your Talents – Call for Feature Music for the Fall”

  1. Hey Kevin, for that August 20th service I’d be happy to play percussion. I play hand drums as well as small instruments like tambourine, claves, etc. I don’t visit Living Table in person very often, but I could make an effort to be there for a music-centered service.

    • That is so great. I will reach out when I get some ideas solidified. I am working a camp right now, but plan on starting concentrated planning soon.

    • That is so great. I will reach out when I get some ideas solidified. I am working a camp right now, but plan on starting concentrated planning soon.

      I still have the piece I talked about before.

    • Hello Barb – Sorry for the delayed response. Don’t know how I missed this.

      I look forward to having you involved. Let’s connect about options.

  2. I know I haven’t been to an in-person service in awhile but I can certainly make sure I’m there for future music services. I’m sorry I missed 8/20. I definitely have a couple of ideas in mind.


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