Living Table’s recent online conversation featured by the Associated Press

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A recent pastoral note as discussed on our little blog became part of a national conversation when it was included in an AP feature on AI and ChatGPT use in churches.


ICYMI (In Case You Missed It), Pastor Rachael’s pastoral note about using AI, and your comments that you left on that post, were collectively featured along with a few other sources in an Associated Press story this past week, entitled, “Pastor’s view: Sermons written by ChatGPT will have no soul” (read this AP News story).

2/17/23 update

And because of how the Associated Press works, the story was just picked up by ABC News! Check out Living Table as seen on ABC News. You may notice that in this national news story, the writer mentions that “Several congregation members responded” as well. Folks who visit this website do indeed read the comment section, with which you are invited to engage.

You never know who will learn something about us when you join in a conversation here on the Living Table website!

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3 thoughts on “Living Table’s recent online conversation featured by the Associated Press”

  1. It’s a pretty big “Yay for Living Table” actually. I’m so happy for you all that this happened!

    Your church, your pastor, and your collective conversation on a current hot topic were literally featured on ABC News this past week. This is kind of a big deal…


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