Church folks, please add your emergency contact info!

In Case of Emergency
An emergency call box with SOS written on it is on a pole outdoors in a public green space; image was licensed from Envato.

Log in to the website and add your emergency contact info today.

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You can give Living Table a name and a phone number of someone they can contact in case of an emergency on your behalf. For example, you could experience a crisis at church and Living Table could then contact someone for you. Or you could experience a crisis on a Tuesday, and Living Table may hear about it through informal channels yet not be able to connect with you due to your being unable to respond to your own texts (this recently happened with a member).

So if you’d like Living Table to have an emergency contact for you, please sign in and enter their name and number into the Emergency Contact field in your directory profile.

In case of emergency
Screenshot of the Living Table Dashboard showing the Emergency Contact field, with Morgan’s emergency contact demo

And in case you missed it…

Read more about why the entire membership directory cannot be shared with the entire membership directory.

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