Your Help is Needed to Run Cameras During Worship

the tech deck
View from the Tech Deck at Living Table that makes hybrid interactive worship possible.

Are you willing to learn to run the cameras for the small sanctuary? We need a deeper pool of folks with at least basic capabilities as back-up.

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One of the many things that sets living Table apart is our fully interactive hybrid service.
We are looking for folks who are willing to learn the basics of operating the cameras to be backup in case of illness or time conflicts. There is a particular need for the services in the week leading up to Easter.

During the year, processes have been established and require few adjustments. If you are willing to learn the basics, Sandy will teach you. The handbook is almost complete and you would have time to practice before “going live”.

Thank you for considering being part of this unique and important aspect of our community and ministry. Please use the contact form to contact Sandy.

About Sandy Saline

As a life-long learner and teacher, I volunteer with Living Table as treasurer and working with technology.

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