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Mental Health Connect
Complex graphic comprised of two images, one over another. The top image is of a blond woman on a computer screen. Overlay of a green circle stating New Videos loading and @mhconnect with the logos for Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. Bottom image is a cartoon of a person with black hair wearing a red shirt. The text reads 'Who ya gonna call' Fundraiser and Mental Health Connect with a blue and green logo. The slogan is: collaborate educate navigate. Image is courtesy of Mental Health Connect.

Mental Health Connect's fall fundraiser is "Who ya gonna call" and you are invited to participate.

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Living Table continues to be part of the Mental Health Connect Collaborative. We make a donation each year as a community. If you are able, please participate in their fall fundraiser.

Mental Health Connect works with local faith communities to help destigmatize mental illness to make sure all people can find the free, customized, and confidential help they need. Please join in and see Mental Health Connect share new videos each week this October as they IGNITE their ‘Who ya gonna call’ Fundraiser. @mhconnect on social media

Mental Health Connect is one to watch! Consider donating today.

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