An Opportunity to Receive Help Navigating the Website

the tech deck
View from the Tech Deck at Living Table that makes hybrid interactive worship possible.

An after-worship tutorial on using the website may be offered if there is enough interest.


If there is interest in having an after-church session when people can get help navigating the website, Council will set one up. Zoomers would be able to participate too. Roomers would bring laptops or tablets. Please comment below or tell someone on Council if you are interested in this.

For bonus points, also list or mention what questions you have, so that this help can be focused on what you need.

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4 thoughts on “An Opportunity to Receive Help Navigating the Website”

  1. Hello Techies!
    Dorothy and I would like some help with the “Listen Everywhere” app, in hopes that there might a way to connect our hearing aids to church audio. Manipulating the various settings via cell phone is the main issue. We’d like to determine if our “equipment” is adequate for the task.


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