New, Easy, Website Photo Walk-Thru

start here
Using this website: Start here by clicking sign-in/register. That will bring you to the page where you can sign-in, or register.

Hopefully this answers any lingering website questions.


I recently learned that some folks do not understand how to “use” the website. While I wait to learn what outstanding questions there may be, I have made a photo tutorial to show you how to sign in to the website, because that is all you need to do in order to access Zoom passcodes, your directory info, and all Internal Posts.

Since that is what it means to use the website, I believe this photo walk-through covers everything. If this remains confusing, perhaps you can show this tutorial to someone who can help you in person with your device in hand.

start here
Using this website: Start here by clicking sign-in/register. That will bring you to the page where you can sign-in, or register.

sign in
Using this website: Sign in with your email and password, or click to login via magic url. If you need to register, click the link to register.

the dashboard
Using this website: Inside the dashboard, this is where the user is automatically redirected after signing in.

dashboard content
Using this website: Scroll down in the dashboard for more content, such as this link to Internal Posts.

the directory
Using this website: Inside the dashboard, clicking Living Table Directory allows users to edit their directory info. Editors can access the full directory here.

Welcome to this circle
Using this website: After signing in, the sign-in/register link changes to Welcome to this circle – a new link for logged in users.

the logged in menu
Using this website: This shows the logged-in menu that displays when a user clicks Welcome to this circle. It displays the latest public posts, recent public comments, and Internal Posts.

That’s it! If you can do this, you are using the website! The idea is that Internal Posts provide an entire communications platform for non-public, in-house sharing of information within the community, which would be possible if community members wanted to use it.

Internal Posts are the most valuable asset the website gives members. The public-facing blog posts are what the community shares with the world and one another, and your comments on those public posts are what you all share with the world as well. The membership directory is important for the church to have contact with everyone, and the Zoom meeting passcodes are in your dashboard for convenience.

Hope this was helpful?

About Erika Sanborne

Erika Sanborne was previously the website developer and administrator for Living Table. In addition to web development, she produces digital graphics, videos, animated explainers, and portraiture work. Her other hats include: long-time math and psychological science educator, ordained UCC clergy, disabled veteran who is for peace, disability justice advocate, population health and disability policy researcher, and sociology PhD candidate. (Read more on Erika's website)

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      … super curious what outstanding questions there may be. I was surprised to learn that, as I cannot imagine what those questions are, but they’ll get to me and we’ll get them answered. 🙂


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