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Plan to join the conversation in the room or on Zoom 2/18/2024

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This Sunday, February 18, 2024, after worship we will have a community meeting. The New Branches Land Acknowledgement will be discussed and proposed for consensus as the Living Table Land Acknowledgement.

In addition, we will have a review of what it means to be a member of Living Table. We’ll talk about our relational covenant and how that applies to more than just the consensus process. In addition we’ll review our connection to the United Church of Christ and to our New Branches partners.

This conversation about membership is intended for all Living Table folx whether you’ve been a member for years or you’ve begun attending more recently.

For those who have not experienced the ritual of membership, we’ll offer this for anyone interested in the next few weeks.

The conversation will be recorded for anyone who would like to be present and cannot be.

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