The Surprising Excitement of Lent 2024

Living Table staff prepping for Lent
Rachael (left), wearing an N95, is with Kevin, holding spray paint, and they are posing on a chilly Saturday outside in front of their work-in-progress large canvas paintings for Lent.

Lent allows us to rediscover that there is no place we can go in bodymind or in spirit where God is not already there.

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Generally, Lent isn’t a season that I get very excited about. This year is different, though. RAT folx have been hard at work preparing, and Kevin and I have been creating surprises. Lent will be an amazing journey this year.

As you may know, our theme is “From Fear to Hope.” Each week we will examine some of our fears more closely and use faith and spiritual practices to expose them to the light of hope. Who doesn’t need hope to shine a bit more brightly these days?

Historically, Lent is a penitential season, a season of inner examination and reflection. We are invited to explore the wilderness areas of our lives. Traditionally, we are meant to recognize the aspects of our lives where God is most absent.

However, I find it more helpful to remember that Jesus frequented the wilderness and the lonely places. We can expect to find God even in the barren, isolated places deep within ourselves.

We go on this Lenten journey not because we need to punish ourselves or abstain from tasty treats. Rather, we go to rediscover that there is no place we can go in bodymind or in spirit where God is not already there.

I encourage you to be honest with yourselves as we travel through fear this season. Acknowledge the fears that bind you, especially those that bind you to things that no longer serve you, and purposefully invite the light of Hope to show you the way toward healing and transformation.

There will be surprises along the way. Let us all enter into this season with openness and wonder that we may experience the unexpected blessings the wild places have to offer. We take this journey together to strengthen our community and invite wholeness into the broken places.

The journey continues on Sunday as we move “From Loneliness to Community.” Join us in the room or on Zoom.

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