Land Acknowledgement and Beyond Team Recommendations

Viewing Art
People view line drawings of figures. The people and the drawings are intentionally blurred. Image licensed from Envato Elements.

The LAB recommends activities for learning and growing into and beyond our Land Acknowledgement.

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The Land Acknowledgement and Beyond Group thanks everyone who joined us for listening sessions regarding the proposed Land Acknowledgement for New Branches. Your thoughtful insights will be reviewed this week by the group and shared with the New Branches Board of Directors.

November is American Indian and Native Alaskan Heritage Month. It’s the perfect time to learn more. Check out the recommendations by the LAB listed below.

At the MIA

The Lyrical Art of Jim Denomie

Open through March 24, 2024.

In Our Hands: Native Photography, from 1890 to Now.

Photos of by and for Indigenous people. Open through Jan.14, 2024. General Admission: 20.00. Free for youth under age 17.

At The Guthrie

For the People, a world premiere comedy by Native voices, which ends its run Nov. 12. Created in partnership with the local Indigenous community, this new comedy examines the myriad facets of contemporary Native life with humor and joy.

Darcy checked on group prices and found that balcony seats for the two matinee performances (1 pm)  Nov 8 are available to groups of 15 or more for $17.50. If you are interested in seeing the Nov 8 matinee as a group, please contact Darcy.

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