Planning for 2024 has Begun!

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We are working toward a sustainable future. Your participation is needed. There is public and non-public information shared here for discussion.

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Historically, in many churches October is Stewardship month. We are taking a different approach this year. While we continue to explore what it means to be church in the world today, Council has decided to ask for the money needed to ensure a sustainable future for Living Table.

We are asking for two things.

First: Fund the Gap for 2023

From now until December 1, 2023 we are asking for additional donations to help close the gap between our income and our expenses. Council set the goal at $15,000 which would help us enter the new year on more stable ground. Please donate what you can!

Second: Giving for 2024

Council is asking everyone to prayerfully consider their giving to Living Table. If it is at all possible, please increase your pledge. If you’ve never pledged before, now is an excellent time to begin. We would love to be able to balance our 2024 budget.

If you have a Living Table website login, please read the more detailed article on our finances and sustainability.

Beloved, let us love one another for love is of God. 1 John 4:7

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