Nokomis Days Planning Team Meets on 4/7/24

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A pug wearing eyeglasses with bright red eyes on springs. Licensed from Envato Elements.

Please join this planning team that will meet this Sunday after worship at 12:15 pm.

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This summer, New Branches will combine a Pride celebration with Nokomis Days.

The Team needs your help with planning. We will need to coordinate activities and volunteers as well as promotional materials and banners. Bring your creativity with you this Sunday at 12:15 pm.

Even if you missed the first meeting, you are welcome to join in this one. Every idea is welcome and everyone is needed! We want to make this year’s Nokomis Days memorable and fun for all you participate.

The Nokomis Days Planning Team meets this Sunday, 4/7 at 12:15 pm downstairs at New Branches.

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