UCC Christmas Fund Offering 2022

UCC Christmas Fund Offering
Two lit candles with a cross of light between them on a dark background. Image courtesy of Gerd Altmann via Pixabay.

You can contribute to the UCC Christmas Fund throughout December.

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The last Special Offering is the Christmas Fund, formerly known as Veterans of the Cross. It’s for retired UCC ministers who served when ministers were expected to live on very little pay and so now have little Social Security. We will collect this offering all of December.

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1 thought on “UCC Christmas Fund Offering 2022”

  1. We have always been a five-for five church. That means we give to all five of the UCC’s special offerings. The first, Our Church’s Wider Ministry, is in our budget, and we increase it once in a while. The other four are paid by offerings from the congregation. This last one goes to people within the church, retired ministers, many of whom don’t have much income because people used to think ministers worked to please God, not to earn a living. If you don’t contribute much to Social Security, you don’t get much back. We can show appreciation for their work by contributing to this special offering.


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