Stained Glass Windows from Previous Sanctuary Installed

the stained glass windows are beautiful
New, multicolored stained glass window installed in the Living Table sanctuary, with shapes of musical instrucments. The faint text reads: Make a Joyful sound Unto the Lord.

The new windows just went in and were enjoyed today.

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Two small stained glass windows were chosen to be kept from Living Table’s previous location, so that they could be installed in the New Branches small sanctuary space. These windows were chosen because they represent the music ministry. Last week, a group of helping hands from New Branches partners installed the windows into their new home. As Greg Owen, of Living Table, said of such collaboration, “It’s so nice to be a part of something bigger, and to be able to share resources and labor.”

Folks enjoyed the light streaming through the newly installed windows on the first Sunday of Advent.

stained glass window looks great
New stained glass window installed in the Living Table sanctuary.

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