Earth Day was a Success for New Branches Gardeners

New Branches Gardeners
Jackie keeping a watchful eye while Sandy is up on a ladder. Image courtesy of Barb Geiger, shared with permission of those in this photo.

Thank you to all who came out on Earth Day to work on cleaning up and preparing the New Branches grounds for summer.

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A note from Barb Geiger on behalf of the New Branches Property Team

Thank you for all your efforts at out NB Earth Day cleanup! We really knocked it out of the park!

Highlights of our day:

  • Removed vines from the east side of the school building
  • Removed vines from the courtyard fence
  • Trimmed the scrub tree in the courtyard (Larry and Lana, thanks for tackling this earlier in the week)
  • Cleared the courtyard of leaves, branches, grit and other debris
  • Removed broken tree limbs all over the property
  • Removed many bags of leaves stashed by the garage (late fall raking)
  • Fixed the rock garden in the courtyard

New Branches Gardeners
Tom gathering branches. Image courtesy of Barb Geiger, shared here with permission.

This checked off a number of our priorities for 2023!

A big thanks to Ginny Rudloff for the delicious meal and hospitality!

New Branches Gardeners
Ann filling a lawn bag. Image courtesy of Barb Geiger, shared here with permission.

Many hands make light work!
-Barb, on behalf of New Beanches Property Team

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